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 Friends Are Lies

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PostSubject: Friends Are Lies   Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:58 pm

Maturity; Average
Fantasy; Low
This may just be my last poem.

When one may laugh,
The other may cry.
They call one a half,
'Till they say goodbye.

Friendship never lasts,
No matter how long.
Some have great pasts,
While some were wrong.

You'll be torn away,
After one simple word.
You'll be a stray,
You won't be heard.

Together forever,
Impossible, however.
Together you cry?
Friends are lies.



.|Ichigo Kurosaki|-|Byakuya Kuchiki|-|Shuhei Hisagi|-|Renji Abarai|-|Jushiro Ukitake|-|Kisuke Urahara|.
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Friends Are Lies
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