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 The Vampire Lies

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PostSubject: The Vampire Lies   Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:54 am

Chapter 1
Her name was Nancy. She lived with her mom and grandma. She was on her black with white pokie dot laptop. She was on a new website she had found by one of her friends on a different website. She sat there and then suddenly got a email. The email said : " Hello there Nancy its me Griffen you older brother meet me at 4th street." She was scared. She had no idea who "Griffen" was or how he had gotten her email. She was fritened. She got up and ran to her mom and said" Mom do you know a Griffen?" her mom tensed. " How do you know about him?" nancy's mom asked." He sent me an email and how do you know him?". " He's your brother." her mom said. " What?" she was cofused. Her mom asked " Where did he say to meet you.? ". " On 4th street." nancy exclamed. Her mom grabed her by the hand and took her to ther car there she told her to get in.

When they got to 4th street her mom had stoped the car. She got out and motioned for nancy to get out to. There Griffen was standing waiting for them. Nancy immediatly relized who it was. It was her older brother griffen. she haddnent seen him sence she was taken away from here real family 141 years ago. Nancy was a vampire. She knew it Her mom kew and Griffen but who didnt know was her dad. Nancy ran to Griffen and hugged him. Griffen hugged back when they hugged Nancy's Vampire Powere's kicked in and she felt her teeth start to form again. It felt good to feel the Power again. She smiled " ahhh thats better" she licked her teeth and felt the point.
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PostSubject: Re: The Vampire Lies   Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:39 pm

It's awesome, so far!

Keep it up!



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The Vampire Lies
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