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 Poems by Katie :3

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Love Is Dead
Minor Gamer
Minor Gamer
Love Is Dead

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PostSubject: Poems by Katie :3   Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:36 pm

Most recent at the bottom!
WARNINGS: Mild language and violence!

She makes it through another day...
Wishing the pain would just go away...
Praying that they didn't have to part...
Day by day she hides her broken heart...


I thought that you were there for me
My best friend through and through
But now that you have left me
I see I'm nothing without you
I see That you don't know
I see that you don't care
Just answer this one question
What happened to "I'll always be there"?


Can anybody hear me?
Can anybody see?
My heart is locked up tight
And you still have the key
I run and run
I trip, I fall
I lay there at your feet
You look at me and walk away
As if you didn't see
Some would say I'm broken
Some would say I've died
I wish that they were true
My life is just full of lies
I've just lost the fight
My wings are just too broken
I'm too weak to take flight


Outside I'm smiling
Inside I'm dying
I'm crying
I'm falling
Into an endless world of undying despair
My life is dreary day and night
Then you cam in to brighten my life
It's you I see through all my tears
You give me hope
And take away all my fears
You've go no clue
Of my feelings for you
These three words I've been trying to tell you
Have been stuck in my head all day
To put it simply
I want you to know
I love you so much
And I never want you to go


My heart has left me
And so have you
It feels like my soul
Has been ripped in two
I'm alive for you
But now that you are gone
What shall I do?
Shall I sing a sad song?
No, it's much to late
Even as my heart still breaks
My smile turns to frown
My laughter turns to tears
I've never felt such pain
In all of these years
As my tears become dry
And I fall to the floor
I've died here alone
You won't see me anymore

~~~~~~ **Next three are acrostic poems*

Put the knife to your heart
And the gun to my head
I'll see you in hell
Now we'll both die here as well


All but forgotten
Left for dead
Only trampled and beaten
Now they've all fled
Everything you said is no longer in my head


Broken and loveless
Running from death
Only its a bit faster
"Kill me now!" I said
Everytime you lied, you said you'd
Never leave my side


He broke my heart
And shattered my dreams
He told me that his love
Was not what it seemed
He asked if I feared death
I said, "no, not at all"
He pulled out a knife
Before I could call
he said as he sharpened the tip,
"Then this won't hurt a bit"
I stood and took the blow
And as the blood poured from my heart
I realized there was nothing else I needed to know
No cry of pain
No look of fear
It was all just a game
He said, "See you in hell, dear"
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PostSubject: Re: Poems by Katie :3   Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:57 am

These are amazing, Katie! :3333



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Love Is Dead
Minor Gamer
Minor Gamer
Love Is Dead

Posts : 66
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Location : On your ceiling.

PostSubject: Re: Poems by Katie :3   Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:47 pm

Thanks! :3
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PostSubject: Re: Poems by Katie :3   

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Poems by Katie :3
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