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 Final days of Jake Redwyrm

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PostSubject: Final days of Jake Redwyrm   Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:11 pm

Chapter one

June 22, 2024 10:39 A.M.

"Jake" i snapped my head up trying to figure out who it was that called my name. Was it Rico the he-man who thought he was so much better than me? No the voice was femine although his voice was very high pitched and squeaky once scared. I quickly hid my smile from Rico's gaze and turned around in my seat so I could get a better look at the other two others in the car.

Maybe the one who called me was Hannah, the thirteen year old girl who had followed us from a small town in Iowa. No it couldn't be her. When she talks you can hardly hear her.

This voice was louder, almost heavenly. when the voice had said something I felt as if I should know this voice even if i forget everyone else's voice. Finally after what seemed an eternity a name popped into my name. Angel. No last name, no middle names, no nickname, and yet I still felt as if I should know those.

"yes Angel" I said very disturbed that it took me that long to come up with her name but able to come up with anything else. the others seemed worried too. Rico removed one hand from the steering wheel to place a hand on his handgun. Hannah seemed to press herself as far away from me as possible. Only Angel seemed calm on the outside but something told me she was freaking out on the inside.

"I'm fine" The words sounded fake to my ears but maybe that was only because I was the only one who knew I was losing some memory. "I'm just alittle late taking my meds thats all." Angel nodded seeming to believe the answer. I heard some rattling in the backseat before a long needle with dark black liqued was passed up to me.

I took the needle feeling dread, that seemed to come from the chemicals in the needle, warning me of the pain to come. I stuck the tip into my viens and forced the chemicals into my viens. Painful memories came to me, reminding me just how much this would hurt.

The more it hurt, the more the infection had set and the less time you had. At the moment the pain was unbearable. My vision darken for the briefest of moments and I had to bite my tounge to keep myself from srceaming out in pain.

"Does it hurt?" Hannah asked so quietly that i could barely hear her over my private screaming. I put on my best smile for her, not trusting myself to speak, and nodded. I would have to tell them the truth soon. I would have to tell them that after a year of fighting it i'm losing what is left of my humanity. I would have to tell them that in two maybe three depending on how much longer I could fight, that i would become the very thing that defines fear in all their minds, a zombie.

I stared at a small broken sign that read. "safe haven 300mi" We all hoped this would be our last stop, the one place in this chaotic world where we could settle down. For most of the year i had been hoping that they might have a cure but i had almost given up. I chuckled to myself drawing curious glances that i ignored. Before i had bcome infest just a year ago I was the one who would hope for the impossible, dream to fight on, believe that in the end good overcomes evil. But that was so long ago.
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Final days of Jake Redwyrm
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